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Aug. 30, 2006
Solomente Burrito
we eat a lot here...

When we don’t bring a lunch, and we’re not inspired by any of the "usual options" awaiting us at the "usual spots" down the street, some of us opt for a snack from the Amy’s Organic vending machine located in our eastern warehouse.

When fully stocked, the machine is no less than an illuminated smorgasbord of tasty organic morsels. During ultra-busy weeks we tend to hit the machine a bit harder, and with that the super selection goes super bye-bye. Nothing's left to order but desolation, sadness, or maybe that low-calorie tumbleweed of desperation down at G-126. That said…

I arrived at the machine - stomach howling - to find only a single item left. Panic wanted to take over but I fought it back, quickly discovering that the only item left was the only one I really wanted—a bean and cheese burrito. I rejoiced, and may have danced—I don't recall.

Before completing my transaction I took an extra moment to note the burrito behind its prison glass, hanging pitifully in purchase purgatory, cold and lonesome amid a steely abyss, somehow, apparently, at peace with its condition. I couldn’t help but think about other single food items that must be in the same boat. After all, if I was witnessing such a phenomenon, there was a good chance it was happening in at least seven other machines around the world.

With this, my idea for was born. Of course it doesn't exist - yet - but stay tuned. A would-be meeting place for the single food items no one wants to commit to. Muffin bottoms, pizza crusts, pickles someone forgot to tell someone else to leave off their burger, various vending items that in their single-hood strike fear into the would-be buyer. They all have something to offer and now they have a place to get their mingle on once the Pringles are gone. 

Here’s what I imagine my burrito might have to say about itself:

SFTB (single flour tortilla burrito) seeking private community companionship—preferably with OOVP (other organic vending products). No G/U’s please, must reside in Amy’s Organics vending machine district. Into microwaves, salsa and occasional encounter with beans and rice. Will consider involvement with human, but must have good credit.

Dial #142 on keypad for inquiries.

**no single foods, humans or url’s were harmed in the making of this blog – physically or emotionally.
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