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Feb. 13, 2007
S.O.S Tour--Colorado
Gettin' the grease

Mike picks up where he left off yesterday's S.O.S Tour blog entry—driving to Colorado. He recounts the crew's adventures as they spread the global cooling love to Aspen and Crested Butte. Check out Mike's latest video on YouTube. Want to see more photos from the road? Head on over to

Alison, Luke, Adam from Backcountry Magazine and myself made it to Aspen in Soy George without burning more then a cup of diesel. 

Our grease from Salt Lake held out 'til Grand Junction where we found about forty gallons in a downtown sushi joint. The first night in Aspen was spent at Alison's friends place. Deb and Jim were welcoming and intrigued about the RV so we sat by their fireplace and talked all about vegetable oil, biodiesel and renewable energy.

The next morning we had a hard time starting due to the extreme cold at night. Once we had Soy George up and running we parked on the cobblestone pavers near the Gondola house in downtown Aspen. We had great traffic all day; Kristen and her team from Boulder came by to help us sell cool tags and spread the word. So at this point in the trip we'd been on the road for five weeks, from Tahoe to Mammoth, through Vegas and Salt Lake to colorful Colorado and today was the first day we'd seen a snowflake fall from the sky. Not more then a dusting fell while we were out sampling, which was kind of a good thing for us since later that night we'd drive past the Black Canyon, the deepest canyon in the United States. The guardrail-less sections of road with thousand-foot drops off the sides were less inviting with ice and snow on the road. 

onwardWe took it slow and steady, which is generally how Soy George runs anyways; we made it to Crested Butte four or five hours later and turned in with some of Adams friends that were nice enough to let us crash on the floor. In Crested Butte we met back up with Kristen and her crew and set up at the Alley Loop—a nordic ski race where snow is pushed through the downtown streets of CB and the locals wear funny costumes as they make their way through.

On Sunday evening we packed up and stopped over to see Alison's Strawbale home before heading over to our evening event. Tonight was the biggest crowd we'd seen yet, so we were excited to give the presentation and listen to Alison field questions from some of her local townspeople.

Sunday night Luke and I drove to Copper to stay with some friends and enjoy summit county on our next few days off.

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