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Feb. 21, 2007
SOS Tour--Jackson Hole #2

Jackson Hole crowdYesterday, I posted Mike's latest video from the Save Our Snow winter roadtrip. Late last night, our trusty driver was able to muster up some free time to sit down (find an internet connection) and send us an update on the Jackson Hole leg of the trip...

After stopping by Channel 2—Denver for a quick interview and a display of Soy George's ability to run on cooking oil, we departed with five hundred and thirty miles to Jackson Hole.

We found some clean grease in a dirty alley behind a PF Chang’s, which lasted the entire drive through the night. At about two in the morning we noticed a strange noise every time we stepped on the clutch. However, after some investigation we found a bolt which mounted the transmission to the engine had snapped off. Another nearby bolt was loose and after tightening it, the noise went away; so problem solved, for now.

Jackson was uncommonly warm, rainy at the bottom and snowy at the top. We had a lot of fun riding around the mountain and the people were extremely friendly. Maybe it’s because there’s no big city nearby, but for some reason people were very polite and pleased to talk about global warming and always said thank you after getting a free Clif Bar.

I think Jackson was my favorite stop so far. It was hard to leave, but it could have just been the idea that our longest drive of the tour lay ahead of us. We drove through the night, yet again, to the University of Oregon in Eugene.

After Alison’s presentation it was nice to relax at my home in Portland and see my two rabbits and my two cats who have missed me so dearly over the past six weeks.

For photos from the roadtrip, check out
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