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Jan. 29, 2007
S.O.S Tour--Mammoth
Mike and Luke plant the Mammoth flagHere's the latest from Mike and the S.O.S Winter Roadtrip. Check out YouTube to see footage from Mammoth and to read about other adventures from the road:

On our drive from Tahoe to Mammoth, we enjoyed burning 100% waste vegetable oil 100% of the time. Sometimes in the winter it's hard to run on all veggie all of the time but with our heated filtration system, we were able to make it happen.

Luke and I rolled into town late at night with no idea of where to stay, so we thought we'd tough out the cold and sleep in the RV just below Chair 2. After a cold night with little sleep, we rolled out of our sleeping bags and on to the hill. Similar to Tahoe, there was very little snow in Mammoth.

People were really psyched on the booth and the RV as well as our efforts to address global warming by encouraging them to make some small changes in their daily life to reduce carbon output. At the end of the day, we were happily surprised when our starter burned out. What a joy. For the second year in a row we were starter-less in Mammoth and restricted to parking on hills. Lucky for us, the RV has a standard transmission so we can pop start once we coast up to about fifteen mph.

Saturday was another sunny and warm day which we spent with T. Bird and friends from Snowboarder Magazine. That night we headed to the Auld Dubliner, a bar in the village of Mammoth, to show our movie "Wheels on Meals," give out some Clif Bars and screen print some tour t-shirts. It was a really fun event which extended itself till about two in the morning.

Kimmy samples at MammothOn Sunday we set up for a half-day, then hit the park with Kimmy Fasani and Chris Benchetler to fly through the air and spin around and stuff. Those two are good at the snow sports, let me tell you. That evening we attempted to pop start down the slight slope of the Chair 2 parking lot unsuccessfully. Lucky for us, some nice Mammoth patron offered to pull us with his pick-up truck and tow rope. He got us about a quarter mile up and over the crest of the hill where we unhooked, thanked him for the lift and gave him a bunch of Clif Bars.

After that, it was smooth sailing down the hill where we pop started the motor and then cruised through the night burning veggie oil the whole way to Las Vegas.

For more photos from the road, check out!

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