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Jan. 18, 2007
S.O.S Tour--Stop #1: Tahoe
Soy George and crew at northstarThis just in from Mike, one of the many folks behind the CLIF BAR Save Our Snow S.O.S Tour. Mike will be driving Soy George, his 1986 veggie RV, for seven weeks, snowboarding with TCB athletes and spreading word about how to limit our impact on the environment and start global cooling.

This weekend was cold, real cold. My favorite joke/quote from the weekend was: "Oddly enough three CLIF BAR employees froze to death on the global cooling tour. I guess their efforts were pretty effective." 

When Ricardo and I got up to drive the RV to Sugarbowl, it didn't enjoy starting in the single-digit temps. Typically, Soy George isn't a morning person, or morning RV, but we pressed on at ten mph and made it up to Sugarbowl for Saturday and Sunday and then Northstar on Monday for MLK day. At Northstar, we had a little adventure towing the RV up to one of the more popular lifts. It was a little sketchy, but it worked out great and we had a really good response from people stopping by to sample a delicious frozen CLIF BARS and learn a bit about global warming and how it's affecting winter sports.

Before this weekend, I was eager to see how people would respond to the S.O.S tour, since we've never done something like this before. The most surprising response we kept getting was gratitude. People would shake our hand and say: "Seriously man, thanks for doing this." To which our response would always be: "It's not us that's doing it, it's you. You bought a cool tag, you got a CFL lightbulb, you're the one that's making the difference."

We're just cruising in our veggie RV and going snowboarding. mike's flying high in the sun--warm weather means happy grease.

We're also psyched to see all the Team Clif Bar folks that were hanging out around the tent. We got to ski and ride with Lorenzo Worster, Lynn Kennen and Kimmy Fasani, which was really fun. Yesterday we took the day off to perform some routine maintenence on the RV and rest before heading down to Mammoth


Today, I'm happy to say the sun is shinning. The extra warmth has made it easier to heat up our veggie tank and the RV's loving it.  Luke and I are just about ready to leave Wild Cherries in downtown Trukee after our last glass of tea and interwebbing session. We'll check back in once we make it to Mammoth, wish us (especially Soy

George) luck.

Check out our video on YouTube and for more photos from the road, check out!

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