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Mar. 5, 2007
SOS Tour--Washington

After several different attempts to get Soy George back on the road, Mike and co-captain Luke make the tough decision to leave him behind and head to a very snowy Washington for the last leg of the SOS winter roadtrip without the RV. Check out Mike's lastest video and see more photos from the tour.

Before heading off to our Washington stops in Snoqualmie and Stevens Pass, we decided to take one last stab at getting Soy George back on the road.
With the transmission falling off and the bolts that were supposed to be holding it on snapped in two, things were not looking good. Luke and I drove up to Vancouver Canada and spent the day jerry rigging it all back together. Since the mounts on the engine block where the tranny had previously bolted to had shattered, we had to perform some extreme McGyvering to get it all back together.

the booth at stevens...lots o snowAt first, things were looking good; the tranny was right back where it was supposed to be and the new bolts were feeling pretty solid. Then we tried to start it up. No dice. The starter wasn’t engaging with the flywheel so that option was out.

Plan B: As always, pop start. We rolled it down a hill, I had the clutch pedal in as we built up speed. At about twenty miles per hour (wait, we’re in Canada, at about thiry five kilometers per hour) I shifted into second and let out the clutch.... Nothing.

Plan C: ditch the RV and head off to Summit at Snoqualmie for the Holy Oly Revival, the annual quarterpipe contest. Last year, my co-pilot Luke Mathison had won this event so there was much talk of “Are you going to defend your title?” He rode well and I thought he might win but alas, we walked away without the 40 cases of Olympia beer, which was always the prize for first place. To tell you the truth, I was glad; we still have a few cases from last year kicking around in the basement somewhere and we had a fun day even though it was snowing so hard you could barely see.

Matt's secret spotThe snow piled up through the night and the next morning we found ourselves on the chairlift with Matt Gormley, the most gracious host of Stevens Pass. Luke and I have known Matt from years past growing up in New Hampshire. It was good to see him again and lucky for us he led us out to some secret spots where the snow was really deep. It was the last day of the tour and by far the most snow we’d seen over the past seven weeks.

I gotta say, I didn’t think the “Save Our Snow” campaign would have such a dramatic effect so quickly, just kidding.

Seriously though, it felt good to ride through waist deep powder after fifty days on the road promoting renewable energy. We deserved it.

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