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Feb. 21, 2007
SOS Tour--Whistler
Whistler's A Team--Giselle, Marie, Gord, and MikeAs the SOS winter roadtrip is nearing the end, Mike takes on Whistler with Marie, Giselle and Gord. Armed with Cool Tags, this A-Team (minus an under the weather Luke) does a stellar job teaching snowgoers about ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Check out Mike's latest, and quite possibly greatest, video on YouTube.

The tour has only one more stop after this weekend but for some reason Soy George must have missed that memo because he checked out early.

Remember that broken bolt that we noticed on the way to Jackson? Well, a few more bolts snapped so our transmission is basically falling off. It got really hard to shift about fifty feet from the boarder of Canada. I was surprised how easily they let us into their wonderful country after seeing us struggling to creep in first gear. The higher gears worked well, so cruising on the highway up to Whistler was no problem. We pulled into the village, hit the first stop sign and that was it.

As soon as I downshifted, the tranny was so off kilter I couldn’t get it back into gear. We had it towed to a local shop and concentrated on the task at hand, raise awareness about global warming, show people how they could take small steps to address these issues and give out some sample Clif Bars. We sold over two hundred and fifty Cool Tags in two days due to the dedication of Marie and her crew, Giselle and Gord.

There was a night event called the “Fire and Ice” show where a ring of fire is place on a take off and people jump through. It was a fun night and an interesting event; too bad the fire wasn’t made from ethanol or biodiesel, mike flies in his Whistler hotel roomthough.

Unfortunately, at the end of the weekend we had to leave Soy George behind and head back down to the U S of A. I’m still hopeful that he’ll be able to make an appearance at the Holy Oly quarter pipe contest at Snoqualamie. On Saturday, Luke will be defending his title where he won six hundred cans of Olympia for first place last in last year's event.

So keep your fingers crossed for Soy George as well as Luke and we’ll see you there.
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