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Mar. 27, 2006
‘Spoke’ Too Soon
Grand is the confliction running through my mind. Or are we also not allowed to run? Far be it for me to break the rules, in this land of  irony and confusion. 

This company, founded on the principals of good eating, good times and good biking, has THIS sign posted in its parking lot?! Are you kidding me?! This is an outrage! If anyone in upper management were here today, I would send a strong letter. Like Q. But I won’t. Instead, let them suffer the wrath of my silence. Let the thin treads of my cruiser tires tread disproportionately heavily on their conscience. Let the…..………wait………….Oh, ‘no peddlers’ and whatnot……..I get it. Never mind.

Have a nice day. May you pedal freely – whether mountain top or parking lot. 

** Challenge – One male and one female in this photo (depicted smiling of their own freewill) will spend the next six weeks driving Roxy, our bio diesel mobile, across the country as part of the Campus Consciousness Tour. Can you pick them out? Like great music (Guster)? Like great causes? Stay tuned.

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