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May. 18, 2006
Springloaf springs CLIF into Spring
grub.Food Matters! This is one of our mottos at CLIF BAR & CO. We talk about food all of the time—where it comes from, how it tastes, how nutritious it is...

To bring this concept to life, we had a special event last Thursday. Chef Darius Somary, owner of SpringLoaf Catering and his assistant came to our Berkeley headquarters and performed quite an impressive cooking demo! The setup was just as you might see on a cooking TV show; there was even a camera pointing at their workspace so that a bird's eye view of their demo could be projected onto a large screen—the only way to really study their skills. They prepared an entire meal and provided interesting tidbits about the ingredients. 

And the food, well, it might have been the most number of courses any of us have ever eaten for lunch while at work:

  • Cold pea and mint soup

  • Salad with mango/avocado/citrus relish

  • Steamed sea bass wrapped in banana leaf

  • Chocolate crème brulee with cherry topping

With our paper plates and biodegradable "plastic" ware, we all lined up to try their tasty concoctions. I especially enjoyed the soup and crème brulee; though I don't eat fish, I heard that it was also super tasty. Maybe we can make this a seasonal occurrence; I guess, springing into summer would be next. It doesn't have the same ring but can you imagine the dishes? Delicious.

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