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Feb. 24, 2011
Squaw Boys Ski The North Shore of Jackson Hole
Some people like to ski, and some people need to ski.

For most of us, a few weeks of sunny weather and no precip in the middle of winter means we switch gears and ride bikes, run, whatever we need to do to get outdoors and enjoy the sun. For guys like Miles Clark, however, not skiing is simply not an option.

And, with Northern California recently experiencing weeks of unseasonably warm and dry conditions, rendering the snow in Tahoe almost unbearable for those who like it steep and deep, Miles simply had to find some better snow. If you, too, have been craving some fresh powder of late, check out Miles’s recap and highlight reel to see how things went down in Wyoming.

After enduring the second week of Tahoe’s terrible Ice Age, Eric Bryant and I decided to leave Squaw for the perfect powder promised land of Jackson Hole. Jackson had just as good an early season as Tahoe, only their season never stopped.

The snow just kept coming.

So, on January 24, we loaded up the diesel truck and hit the 12-hour drive to Jackson. For four days we hiked like madmen, skied everything we could see, lived off almost nothing but Clif Bars and pizza, and had some of the best times of our lives. Here’s a quick breakdown of the trip:

  • Day 1 - We skied 4 Pines, Pinedale, Break Neck, and Cody Bowl. We didn’t have anyone to show us around, so we just went for it.

  • Day 2 - Andrew Whiteford took us out to The North Shore. To me, The North Shore = Jackson Hole. This was one of the best days of my skiing career. We did two laps.

  • Day 3 - The Endless Couloir and 2 laps in Mario Land. Mario Land makes me happy.

  • Day 4 - Teton Pass was gorgeous, but the snow was cooked. We ended the day doing high speed groomers all over the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort - and they were sweet!

This was definitely one of the top 5 ski trips of my life.

Thank you Jackson.

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