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Mar. 17, 2008
St. Baldrick’s Day (no, that’s not a typo)…
Emily has only a few more hours left before she chops off all of her curls; and she's got a lot of them. Let the countdown begin...

It’s here! Saint Baldrick’s Day! I’m sooooooooo excited.

The fundraising efforts have been astonishingly successful. People were so incredibly giving and supportive that I reached my goal in 2 weeks!

Then out of the blue, Michael (our Category Insights Manager) upped the ante by offering to shave his head as well if we doubled my goal.

“I’m not exactly sure why, but there seems to be an abundance of people with a vested interest in me cutting my hair ,” he explained contemplatively, then with a raised eyebrow and smile said, “you could totally use this to your fundraising advantage.”

He wasn’t kidding. We more than doubled my original goal in the two weeks before the event.

Now the day has arrived and I’m getting anxious. I haven’t been bald since my birthday, 27 years ago. I’m excited to meet the kids. I hear that they may even be doing some of the shaving!

The young woman who inspired me into this project came down from Portland just to be with us for the event and folks form all over the spectrum will be attending in solidarity with the brave kids and teens that battle this illness every day.

We will be taking video footage and photos of the event to share so keep an eye out!

Be safe, healthy and have a fantastic St Patrick’s/Baldrick’s day!

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