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Oct. 5, 2006
Stay warm, be cool

Today the sun is shining, but yesterday the first rain of the season inspired my annual e-mail about heating our “warehouse” style office. The high ceilings make it really hard to get the temperature just right for each person’s individual thermostat.

Hi Everyone:

I’m looking out the window today, and noticing that the colder, rainy weather is coming our way. Boo hoo! But, there are some things to look forward to: Skiing! Wearing your favorite Winter beanies, sweaters and scarves! Yay! I saw Jeff H. just yesterday with his favorite CLIFbeanie, logo backwards of course.

So, okay, where am I going with all of this? My plan is to work with the HVAC tech and make it as comfortable as possible, however, if you are a “cold” person, you might need to layer up a little more, and keep that extra sweater or fleece here at the office.

Sorry, but I won’t be purchasing anymore space heaters for anyone’s work stations, and please don’t bring any from home!  I’ll keep the kitchens stocked with tea and yak butter for the winter, and getting up frequently and moving around can help if you get cold. 

On the flip side, if you're a “warm” person, un-layering can also help you, or you can take a page from Grady O’s fashion flair today, and wear shorts and flip-flops on the bottom, but a fleece warm-up jacket and a beanie on top.

And speaking of space heaters, if you do use one, you must remember to turn it off at night, because of the fire risk. But, also, ask yourself, am I saving energy by keeping this heater on all day long? I think we all know the answer to that.
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Mary Kate
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