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Jun. 15, 2005
Stinky Grady, no Stinky Van

Grady is a guy who works in marketing and he’s putting together our second bio-diesel mobile marketing tour. He needed to host our new biodiesel drivers for two days at the office, fully indoctrinating them into everything Clif. Grady planned a meet and greet and wanted to have snacks. I said I wouldn’t mind taking care of this part for Grady, so off I went to Berkeley Natural Produce (my favorite local organic grocer) and everything was fine until I opened the door to the company van.

Everybody knows that at the end of last week, every Californian was wondering when we’d ever get any sunshine, when in the world was the rain going to stop? The reason I digress is because the van I chose to drive was the “STINKY VAN!” I’ve never really minded the stinky van as it’s affectionately known around here, but rainy day after rainy day and dirty wet dog after dirty wet dog I’m not sure if “stinky van” really does this baby any justice. I’m not kidding, the smell was almost enough to kill somebody.

No more martyrdom for me. I drove as fast I could (within the speed limit of course) and delivered the snacks with nothing more than a slight case of light-headedness. From now on I use the new van. The funny this is, Mary Kate our office manager keeps threatening to get rid of the stinky van. It’s on its way out for sure. When we finally get rid of the stinky van, it’ll be sad. Like the end of an era, like discontinuing one of the old Clif Bar flavors…anyone heard of Real Berry? Oh well, a new vehicle will takes its place and the stinky van will go down in Clif Bar history. I can see it now, gathered around a campfire with my coworkers reminiscing about the stinky van….ah the little things.
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