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Apr. 6, 2006
Strawberry sidewalks
There's lots of things that go with the month of April. We set our clocks forward; the Sea Otter Classic happens; it's my dad's birthday month. And for the first time ever, April 2006 marks my month to organize breakfast for our Thursday Morning Meeting.

It never really dawned on me how the glorious spread of bagels, cashew-nut butter, organic fruits and veggies, and cereal appears for the hungry flock of employees to gobble down.

That is, until last week when Mary-Kate decided to hand the "Thursday Breakfast Book" over to me. I perused the laminated pages to find a completely thorough shopping list and step-by-step directions on how to put on a month of breakfast for 150 people.

Yesterday afternoon, Stephen and I went to the Berkeley Bowl, an awesome super store of delicious foods, to buy the goods. I thought having Stephen come with me would help with the decision-making process. Unfortunately, I couldn't have been more wrong. We maneuvered our cart to the yogurt display and proceeded to spend 20-minutes deciding which kind to get—Organic Whole Milk; Local, Non-Fat Plain; Organic Low-Fat Vanilla; Soy Yogurt.

After plowing through that decision making process, we had to move through cheeses, granola, hummus, nut-butters, locally grown, organic, and in-season produce. Lots of stuff. Lots of decisions. But we made it out a-okay, pulling into the CLIF BAR parking lot with seconds to spare before Stephen's 1:30 meeting.

But my first-time adventure to the Berkeley Bowl wouldn't have been a real adventure without more drama. We only wanted to make one trip from the car to the office (or Stephen really would've been late) so we grabbed all the bags out of the trunk. As we did this, we realized that we had left THE one-and-only Thursday b-fast book back at the market.

Moving on to drama number two: as we walked from the lot to the front door, Stephen's bag of pesticide-free strawberries, soy milk and Café Fanny Granola suddenly decided to burst open. With three containers of strawberries strewn across the sidewalk and a very frustrated Stephen left to pick them up, I decided to go inside and call Berkeley Bowl to make sure the book was fine.

By 5pm, the Thursday Breakfast Book was back, the strawberries had been cleaned, and all the food was ready and rarin' to go for our Thursday Morning Meeting. I don't think anyone tasted asphalt on their strawberries this morning but that might be because we didn't tell anyone exactly what happened.

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