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Jun. 15, 2005
Summer Camp

To shower or not to shower? Next to when to shower, this can be on of the toughest questions facing a Clif Bar employee. A morning run & a session in the office gym can rolls into the workday – shower untouched – pretty easily. This morning, I had to choose a shower or weight room. No time for both because I needed to greet today’s company meeting’s guest speaker from the Santa Clara County Diabetes Society.


Priorities people, I finished my weight room routine with 5 minutes to spare - he arrived at 8:45am – I spritzed myself with a funky essence-of-something & made my way to the front desk. This is my state every morning when volunteering at the diabetes summer camp (unshowered & sweaty from a morning run or blood sugar testing the campers) so it was fitting.


Kevin, Diabetes Society camp director visiting to rally CLIF volunteers for the Diabetes Summer Camp program, was impressed that showers after working out at the office were optional!


 Clif Bar still amazes me with its generous support of the Diabetes Summer Camp programs, eagerly giving volunteer time, donations, & healthy, nutrition bars! I still amazes me that Clif Bar pays me to hang out in the Redwood Forests of Santa Cruz for 1 week each summer teaching kids with diabetes how to BE KIDS with diabetes. It is incredibly rewarding. Really folks, volunteering as camp dietitian for seven summers has been a no-brainer - 8 days in the mountains with kids; teaching them to manage their blood sugar & balance their foods while canoeing, hiking, camping out, having campfires, climbing, & rope sliding. You’ve got to love the look on a kids face when I tell them they can have a S’mores if the can carb count it!


If you think a day at the office is exhausting, think again. Volunteering at camp is like 24 hours of Adrenaline only you have a glucose monitor & a fanny pack full of CLIF SHOT instead of a mountain bike & a flask! Each year proves more rewarding & eye opening than the next & each year I thank Clif for making this opportunity real.

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