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Dec. 11, 2006
Surprise, Surprise…
Al comes to CLIFThe word on the street was that we were going to have a guest speaker at our all-company meeting last Friday. I don't think we were even supposed to know that much. But, with a company our size, things get around. We didn't know who, but we knew "someone."
Well, that somebody didn't just end up being anybody. To the tune of Queen's "Flash Gordon" and a standing ovation from our company, Vice President Al Gore marched onto our stage. Yup. THE Al Gore. An Inconvenient Truth Al Gore. The "used-to-be-the-next-president-of-the-United-States-of-America" Al Gore. Right here, live and in person at our Berkeley headquarters.

The "…saviour of the universe" spent about an hour and a half discussing issues of Global Warming and the power of the individual in making a change. He was political. He was humorous. He was smart and articulate. He answered our questions and made us realize that every effort makes a difference.  

Thanks, Mr. Gore, for paying us folks at CLIF BAR a very special visit. See ya next year (maybe?).

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