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Jul. 18, 2005
SWAG Box Sock Seeks Sole Mate
All right, this is ridiculous. The sock's still there. After 2 weeks.

I've been watching carefully. Hoping to spy the sort of person that might come seeking such a sunken treasure. But to no avail. It's been abandoned for good - it would seem.

Before I give up entirely though, I've decided to see if I can't help nudge it along in the right direction. I've just posted a single's ad on its behalf:

Single techno-colored bike sock (STBS) seeking meaningful relationship with left foot, or other surreptitious SWAG box acoutrements (SSBA) - I'm not picky.

  • Turn-ons: discarded plastic bags (*floating bag scene in American Beauty drives me crazy!), travel sized tubes of hair gel and spiral notebooks yearning only to fill those last 5 blank pages that we all know will probably never realize their full potential. I feel their pain.

  • Turn-offs: include size 14 feet, the preparation of salmon while barefoot, and frumpy event t-shirts front emblazoned with any form of cartoon wit.

Enjoy mountain biking, long walks on beach (with shoes on), excellent conversationalist and comfortable wicking sweat in public. Not afraid to cry.

If you can help - please write. Thanks.

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