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Apr. 21, 2005
Sweet Monday
I’m not usually so happy to come to work on Monday morning, but after 5 days of houseguests, one of them a child (whose first waking moments consisted of either banging on the piano on the way through the dining room, or turning on the T.V. to raucous cartoons), work seems like a sanctuary.

The familiar click and hum of copiers and keyboards, even someone’s jauntily tuned ringing cell phone left out on their desk isn’t as obnoxious as having to entertain out of towners, and be ON, ON, ON. I’d like to think of myself as a calm, and patient person, but it’s just not so after a few days of sharing the bathroom with others.

I’m glad to be here this morning, now let me read through these 725 spam messages and try and get some rest!
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Mary Kate
Office Life

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