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Apr. 22, 2009
Syndicate Keeps Rolling at the Otter

Two things are certain when it comes to pro gravity outfit Santa Cruz Syndicate:

1. they are really freaking fast and

2. they just might have the coolest name in the professional cycling world. The word "Syndicate" gives them a sinister touch of 60's spy movie style while adding enough intrigue to play mind games with the competition. Odds are that L.A. would have won at least thirteen Tours de France had he raced for the US Postal Syndicate.

Syndicate has been killing it so far this year on the international gravity circuit, and their performances at the '09 Sea Otter Classic were no different. The weekend started out on a rather rough note, though, as team riders Josh Bryceland and Greg Minaar were subjected to a barrage of mind-numbing questions during their Sector 16 interview at the Clif Bar booth on Friday. After it was all said and done, though, the only things we knew for sure after 45 minutes of crude interrogation were that the guys really like Clif Bar wine and they laugh...a lot. A real lot.

Despite the rigors of the interview and some bruises from crashes he took while racing the dual slalom against Syndicate teammate Kirt Voreis, Minaar was able to recover and come out strong in Sunday's Pro Downhill final. Greg let it rip, showing the central California crowd some of the trademark speed which won him last week's World Cup race in his homeland of South Africa (and a gagillion other major downhill titles throughout his career). Although he blew some turns and eventually finished second to rival Mick Hannah by .06” in Sunday’s final, Minaar wasn’t discouraged with his result. “I was disappointed with my race because I made some really amateur mistakes. But at the end of the day I’m really happy that I beat Lopes! It’s now 1-1 all round.”

Voreis, racing on a spankin’ new surgically-repaired ankle, finished an impressive 15th in the Dual Slalom and looks poised to make a great comeback.

It was a treat to hang out with the guys—they are a great group with a great team attitude and seem to really maintain a sweet balance between competing intensely and having fun. And with a host of great riders on the roster this year, including downhill luminary Steve Peat, Syndicate will certainly be a force to be reckoned with this season.
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