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Jan. 26, 2006
Tahoe or Bust
We're gearing up for our annual company ski trip this weekend. Everyone usually heads up on Friday afternoon and most people ski or snowboard Saturday and Sunday. The office is buzzing with snow-related happenings.

I, for one, am totally stoked on this trip because, while I fancy myself a snowboarder, this usually ends up being my only trip for the season. I get warmed up on Saturday after not having been on the slopes for a long time. I go real slow so I don't hurt myself (unlike some other Kamikazes, Angie!). By Sunday, I'm a ripper just when it's time to leave. I head home and I put away the snowboard until next year.

Don't let my habits fool you, though. I'm not representative of how many hardcore snowbunnies there are at Clif Bar. They take this sport very seriously and you better not get in their way. We even have a special Ski Conditioning class in the gym leading up to the trip. Stephanie, the trainer, kicks our butts with tons of lunges and then we do core work which is when I usually make my exit.

I know, I know, it's important, I just don't do crunches. I hate crunches.

This morning, there was a winter fashion show at the company meeting today and a video to get people in the mood, made by our very own movie producer Paul McKenzie, Mr. Sundance himself.

Let's see, what else... I finally convinced the Diva (otherwise known as our Wellness Manager) to buy all recycled content paper plates, napkins and biodegradable utensils for our potluck on Saturday night. In true potluck form, we usually have way too much to eat and we make a HUGE mess. Eating too much is one of the hazards of working at Clif Bar.

If this trip were a Mastercard commercial, this is how it would look:

• 110 condos reserved—dollar amount unknown.
• Diva's blood pressure medicine after employee cancellations—dollar amount unknown.
• 20 cases of beer—30 bucks if its Pabst, $160 if it's Fat Tire.
• Watching the skiers who think they're really good wipeout—priceless.

Pray for snow, have a fabulous weekend and see you on the slopes!
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