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May. 8, 2008
TCB athletes leave a mark at Wildflower
Last weekend at Wildflower Team Clif Bar athletes showed up and left a worthy mark.

Chris McCormack turned on the afterburners on Beach Hill and took his 4th Wildflower win after battling with Eneko Llanos all race long. Chris remains undefeated at Wildflower with wins in ’01, ’02, ’04 & ’08.

“The last three miles, Eneko and I ran together and I just rolled the dice on that last downhill to the finish,” said McCormack. “I’m very proud I am unbeaten in my four tries at one of the greatest races in our sport.”

In the women’s race, three TCB athletes finished in the top six spots.

Pip Taylor bounced back from a stomach bug that grounded her at St. Anthony’s. She got off the bike in 5th, then put in the second fastest run split of the day to finish in 3rd.

Kelly Couch was right behind Pip, finishing in 4th.

“I went down to Wildflower with the intention of enjoying the weekend, being thankful for all that I have, and seeing what my body would do that day… My goal was simple—bike as well as I possibly could and see what happens on the run.”

Kelly had a fantastic bike leg—15 minutes faster than her time last year! And while it sounds like her run hurt something fierce she stuck it out for a tremendous result.

And in 6th place Sunny Gilbert crossed the line. Sunny almost raced as an amateur.

“I did not think that I had qualified for a renewal of my elite license,” explained Sunny. “I had maintained a pretty convincing level of fitness and all that was needed in my training were a few minor adjustments to include some climbing in my aero bars and speed/hill workouts on the run.”

Guess Sunny got all the minor adjustments dialed in. And it turns out she was plenty qualified to race with the pros at Wildflower.

So to summarize the TCB athletes’ efforts at Wildflower, how about I just say… “Wow.”
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