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May. 11, 2007
TCB Cycling Report & Some Thoughts About Bike Handling Skills
TCB cycling in full force

Sometimes bike racing can be pretty rough on a fellow.

Last weekend up in Santa Rosa at The John Ramatici Memorial Clo-Terium Bike Race some dude ate it right in front of us during the bunch sprint and a good number of guys went down. Both Eric and I hit the ground pretty hard. Sadly, my second Orbea met its end and I limped away with a broken wrist. 

Fortunately, Eric weathered the crash better than I did. Jeff got through the carnage to finish in the cash, but Eric and I traded good results for banged up body parts and messed up equipment—never a good trade.

David's been in New Mexico for the Tour of the Gila stage race and is now racing the Joe Martin Stage Race. Sounds like the Gila was a bit rough on him:

Well, not much to write about Gila...wasn’t a good outing for me...The highlight is that the announcer apparently picked me out during the crit, and went on a long  plug of Clif Bar—how great it is the company supports cycling and cycling teams so strongly, and how great the products if nothing else, my participation got  a good plug in! Glad I was good for something if not results!

So now I’m in Fayetteville, Arkansas, getting ready for Joe Martin Stage Race, which! 110 miles with lots of climbing....I have a feeling it’s going to be brutal, folks. Legs feeling better, so I am hopeful. I’m still building, so have measured expectations. Either way, it will be an epic 3 days / 4 stages of racing!


On a bright note, Mark won his first New England race of the season, so it’s not all “woes us” kinda news. Take a look at the happy, red lycra-clad little fella.

Not sure what’s up with the NorCal racing this season, but guys sure do seem to be crashing a lot. My hunch is that there’s so much emphasis on training the “engine” these days that a lot of riders see bike-handling skills as sort of an afterthought. It’s a drag to race with guys who are fit enough not to get dropped but who overreact at the slightest bit of contact or the small imperfections in the road. 

In my humble opinion, bike handling skills are what differentiate the good racers from the so-so racers out there. Being fit is only part of the puzzle. Bike handling skills make the racer whole—and they help keep everyone in the race a whole lot safer. 

Here’s to bike handling skills and bike racing in general—it’s a lot of fun even if it is rough on a fellow from time to time.
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