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Dec. 19, 2007
TCB Cyclocross Rider Troy Wells 5th at Cross Nats
The Cyclocross season ended on a fine note for the TCB Cyclocross riders—and in particular for Troy Wells who finished on the podium.

Here’s what Troy had to say about the racing in Kansas:

'Cross national this year was no exception to the rule over past 5 years minus Providence last year. We got hit with the most epic conditions of the entire season.The course was basically a sheet of ice or a mud pit the entire weekend depending on which side of the 32-degree mark it the thermometer happened to land on.

Saturday was an event filled day for the entire Clif Bar crew with it snowing for the better part of the day with a wind chill of 0. Dusty had the first race of the day in the 30 to 35 followed by Mark the Shark in the 35-39 where he took home the silver after a crash in the last corner before the pavement derailed him from a sprint finish for the win. If anyone has ever raced with the Shark, you know you are toast if you take him to line—he is without a doubt the best sprinter in the cyclo-cross field in the U.S. Jordi also was in the mix of the 35-39 race. I think he put in the most venue time of anyone on the week showing up on Tuesday and flying out late Monday. Next up was Waldek in the 40-44 with a solid 11th place or as he would say the 10th loser.

Sunday the sun was out and the temperature was on the better side of 32. Georgia was the 1st race of the day in the elite women’s race. She rode a solid race and ended up 3rd, which she was a little disappointed with but it was a tough day with a lot of bad luck to be had on the tough course.

I took part in the elite men’s race, which was all about survival. I was having my best ride of the season sitting in fifth moving up and all of a sudden I got a little anxious and flatted trying to push the limit. I fell back to 10th but I kept my head in the game and was able to get back up 5th and landed the finial podium spot. My brother ended up 3rd and that is the first time we have ever both been on a national championship elite podium together which was really cool.

After the race the celebration of the end of the season began. I think I set the record for the worst mechanical bull ride ever of 1.5 seconds. Now I’m off to Mexico for a little vacation time on the beach. It is always a lot better when you can leave the season feeling as if you have accomplished your goals and ended on a high note.

So that’s the scoop on the mighty ’07 cross season. We’re already looking forward to ’08!
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