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Nov. 19, 2008
TCB Cyclocross: Troy Lights Up NJ
Here’s a USGP of Cyclocross recap from TCB rider Troy Wells, who had his best UCI/USGP outing to date in the challenging New Jersey conditions.

Troy’s big brother Todd (also one of the TCB crew) was the only guy able to finish ahead of Troy on Sunday and Todd had this to say about his little brother’s performance:

“If [Troy] had a better start [he] probably would have won."

Here’s Troy’s race recap:

This past weekend was the second round of the USGP of Cyclocross in Mercer NJ. I finally got a new top result in a UCI cross race with a second on Sunday.

On Saturday I felt I could have had a great day as well but I just left myself with too much work after the 1st lap and was only able to get back up as high as 6th. The weekend was an all around effort for just about everyone involved. The mechanics had their work cut out for them with the muddy course just about all the top guys hit the pits twice a lap for a new bike. Thanks a lot to Daimo, Tom, Ben and Wally for taking great care of my bikes and me.

So the race on Sunday involved quite a bit of bike handling skills along with being able to put down enough power to stay on your bike in the deep mud. I was able to have a half decent start and was riding around 10th for the first lap. After the 1st lap I started to pick people off one by one and worked my way up to third. At this point I had to take a gamble to make the move to bridge across to my brother Todd and Jeremy Powers who had about 10 seconds at that point. I tried to just be smooth and not make mistakes and bring the time back little by little. About a lap later I made contact for the first time. It is always nice to be in a group with my brother because it is basically the same or better than having a teammate with you. Also Todd and I ride pretty similar and know in a muddy race which lines each other will take.

My time in the leading trio was short lived as I got gapped off on a section and had to claw my way back again. This time I didn’t sit on or try to recover I just went right to the front and put in a surge. I was able to get a little gap, which I went with. Todd sat on powers until I established a bit of a gap and then bridged across solo. Todd and I rode the next couple laps together working well together extending our lead over Powers and came into the last lap with a 45 second lead. On the last lap Todd got a gap on me through a deep mud section and I chased all lap but couldn’t quite close it down.

But if you are going to get second to someone it may as well be your brother. I was also awarded SRAM’s most aggressive ride for the race on Sunday. Four more weekends left of domestic cross. I will be in Long Island, Jingle Cross, Portland and then Nationals in Kansas City. Hopefully I can pick up a win before the end of this cross season.

Great racing out there Troy! Thanks for flying the TCB colors.
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