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Apr. 2, 2007
TCB Rider Chris Randall takes Brisbeen with Style
Chris and Will at the finish!On Saturday down at the windy Brisbeen Circuit Race Chris Randall, the Shot Brand Manager and triathlete-turned-roadie, pulled off a very worthy win in the Masters 4/5 race in his quest for upgrade points. Chris’ winning move was impressive regardless of the race category. I, for one, could never have pulled off such a move on that course back when I was a Category 4 rider. 
Nice ride Chris! We’re looking forward to racing with you in the P/1/2 races sometime in the not so distant future.

Here’s Chris’ race report:

Ronde de Brisbeen 1.7 mile circuit—one long descent into one long climb, steep at the bottom, less steep at the top (finish).


Well I ended up having some good legs and good motivation and came away from my first race of the season with a win a $50 prime. This was especially nice since this was the first bike race my 19-month-old son could actually watch "Daddy" as I went around. It was really awesome to see him at the finish line waiting for me.


The first 4 laps were really slow coming up the hill. Frustratingly slow. We were on lap 5, 20 minutes into a 50 minute race, and we still hadn't put any hurt into the bigger sprinter-type guys. That was not sitting well, so mid climb I went to the front just to get things moving, kinda like coffee in the morning. Well I probably pulled a little too hard on top of the pack not being interested in going any faster.

I ended up with one Trumer Pils guy on my wheel and a 50 meter gap. I actually hesitated and thought about sitting up and waiting thinking that a 2-man break was doomed. So we crested, descended, and started climbing with 20 seconds on the group. We descended, crested, and started climbing again now with 30 seconds on the group. We were working well together and I was well within myself still expecting to get swept up at any moment. So with 30 seconds on the group and 4 or 5 laps to go, I decided I would give it a go, and totally ignore the specter of Eric and Dylan telling me not to go to the front too early.

From there I did about 75% of the work with the Trumer Pils guy. I was pretty sure he wasn't able to do much more, but was aware too that he could be bluffing. On the climb just before 2 laps to go, he came off my wheel and I punched it. He was done. From there I invoked my triathlon smarts (oxymoron?) and rode hard but steady always asking myself—"can I hold this pace until the end?"

On the final downhill straight, I was amazed to still have almost the entire straight to myself. I tuned the corner and spun the lower steep section and could see they were closing. As the steepness eased I went to the big ring and gave it all. That slow bend to the right was endless! I was totally rubbery and veered hard right when I looked over my shoulder to see the gap (I'll never do that again). I managed to keep it going though and crossed the line 4-5 bike lengths up, tired, relieved and psyched.

To hunt and then be hunted. Interesting to say the least.

Overall a great day. Hopefully I can keep it going for the next 4-5 weeks and get my 3 upgrade, so I can race with more of the team.
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Le Sensation American
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