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Feb. 24, 2009
Tea Time
Swanner's beloved mug went missing this morning. And so, he had to resort to a mass email to the company, setting off a search party for the beloved Pantone 3025C.

Sorry for the mass email; not usually my cup of tea. However, being that I’m currently unable to enjoy my tea—because my mug’s gone missing—I thought I’d go ahead and ask to see if anyone has seen it, used it, fallen in love with it...if only for an occupationally fleeting moment. I wouldn’t blame you. I can only blame myself.

The mug was a gift, and the color was chosen specifically for little old me (a white mug, with a widely banded blue square wrapped from handle to handle—Pantone 3025c to be precise). It would mean a great deal to have back; that I might once again enjoy a mid afternoon cup of tea. Sereni’tea, to be exact.

After numerous sightings around the office, letters of concern, home-baked goodness and one incredibly quickly knitted pair of socks, Swanner received his mug and could, thankfully, enjoy his sacred tea time this afternoon (see below).

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