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Mar. 14, 2007
TEAM CLIF BAR Cycling Report

TCB on wildcatIt’s mid-March and the road racing season is upon us. This past weekend the TCB Cycling squad was in action in the NorCal, Central Cal, and out in Massachusetts as well. Despite a few nasty spills in the first month of racing, the guys are starting to show some form.  Here's a blurb from Dave. Stay tuned tomorrow for an update from East Coaster Todd.

Race: CVC Stage Race (National Racing Calendar Event)

Cat: 2

Field: 75ish

Results: Doran 35ish GC (General Classification), Quist, 8th GC

Weather: Freaking gorgeous

Friday Road Race: 68 miles of rolling hills with 2 main slopes, but no sustained climbs on this new 2-lap course. First of the two large rollers on lap 1 were fast, and almost split the group. Doran had a perfectly timed attack, and ALLLmost slipped away, but a chase caught them just before the 2nd time past the biggest roller. That split the field, with Doran caught behind. I finished with the 1st group in 17th place. 2 riders who attacked on the backside of the last lap stayed away, since the big teams failed to chase them down and they finished 20 second ahead of us.

Saturday Time Trial: 16.5 miles, first 8 mi flat, then some technical small rollers, with an about 6-8% final 1km climb. Doran was without much in the way in aero gear and came in a respectable mid 30s; I finished 9th despite a crappy effort in the middle part of the course. Found some legs near the end and made up for it a bit on the final climb. That put me up to 8th GC

Sunday Criterium: Gorgeous day, big crowds. My goal was to stay up front, stay out of trouble, and look for opportunities to move up GC if they were presented. With 5 to go, I was second wheel behind a DBC rider flying through the left hander on the far side of the course. He inexplicably crashes himself out, him splaying on the ground and leaving little room for escape at the apex of a turn. The only place around him was simply over him.

I tried to bunny hop him but my bike caught something and I went down, along with about 6 others, including GC leader. Lost not a lot of skin despite multiple wounds, but my sock, shoe and skinsuit didn’t fare so well (bike seems okay if a little scraped).

Going to the pit they told us it had already closed, and we would have to chase on. GC leader and I started TTing it, blood and ganked bikes and all and throwing down ("this is the business end of bike racing, ladies and gentleman" says Towle as we roll through the start finish), then I realized we should just pull out and take pack time or we would lose our GC places for sure that late in the race—which is what we did. Officials indeed gave us pack time, and I ended up with my 8th GC position. Not bad, not great, but a solid start to what looks to be an awesome season for TCB!!

All in all, it was a FANTASTIC race weekend. Many thanks to Doran for driving, Forrest, Neal and Wylene for putting us up and putting up with us in such nice digs in Clovis (with brownies to die for).

Next up: San Dimas Stage Race starting Friday!
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