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Mar. 15, 2007
Team CLIF BAR Cycling Report--take 2

Continuing yesterday's Team Clif Bar Cycling report, here's an update from Podium Todd out East. Don’t know why he calls Mark and himself the “A team.”  Maybe they’re both sporting Mr. T haircuts—haven’t seen any recent photos to confirm…

Race: Somewhere out East

Cat: P/1/2

Results: Mark 4th on Saturday, PoTo 7th on Sunday

Weather: East Coasty

Back-to-back races here for the A-team this weekend.

The season starts a bit later out East , but apparently we race harder during the time available, so the racing is more concentrated. I’m learning a lot about the scene. They have early bird’s in Jan and Feb here too, but as I told Eric, they call it “hockey.” Weird.

The “later” early-bird races started this past weekend. Since there’s just Mark and I, we split up. He took the Saturday race and I took the Sunday race. I have to say Mark shows a lot of promise for Team Clif and it will be fun to watch him mature as a rider.

Saturday— I wasn’t there, but according to the ‘low down’ I received on Sunday from Mark’s entourage, two guys attacked from the start and stayed away. They were either forgotten about or ignored, one never knows. Later on in the race, Mark and 2 others went away and stayed away (as will be the norm I’m sure) for the rest of the race. At the line, Mark locked his breaks and let his buddy “win 3rd.” So Mark got 4th. He has to have fun somehow while slumming it w/ the rest of us.

Sunday— a healthy field of 60+ish and a nice flat office-park course, except for the constant flow of traffic! My God, these guys are highly risk tolerant… , but there were no fewer than 6 moving vehicles to contend with during the 1:15 min race. Anyway, it was a good pace and not too squirrelly. A few breaks that came back then a big one of about 10 guys with 5 to go. With 3 to go I bridged up with another guy and I was feeling good about my chances, but the break was noodling so we got caught at the bell. I had enough left and held a good enough spot in the last lap to finish 7th.

So, two top 10s from us out here.

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