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Oct. 4, 2010
TEAM CLIF BAR Snowboarder Kimmy Fasani Shreds in The Storming
When TEAM CLIF BAR snowboarder extraordinaire Kimmy Fasani recently reached out to share a bit of what she was up to last winter (and the results of all her incredible hard work hiking, shoveling, filming, riding and flying) we here at Clif Bar HQ could not believe our eyes. Not only is Kimmy going bigger than most of the guys out there, but she's doing it in mad style with her great big, contagious smile along the way.

Kimmy’s most recent work comes to life as one of the featured female riders in this year’s release from Standard Films. Kimmy shares a bit of the adventure of her experience on this project below.

Last season I was given an opportunity to work with the world famous Standard Films, one of the most highly respected snowboard film companies in the industry. The day I was asked to be part of this project I was speechless.

TEAM CLIF BAR's Kimmy Fasani 2
Photo Credit: Nate Christenson

But I knew that getting one video shot in this movie would be way harder than anything I had done in my snowboard career thus far. I (of course) jumped in head first and never looked back. Now after 3 trips to British Columbia, Canada, 19,000 miles on my truck in 5 months, a burnt down snowmobile, a life changing trip to Valdez, Alaska, and a new tight-knit crew of female shred buddies, the movie The Storming has been released. Standard Films changed the face of women’s snowboarding by bringing five elite female snowboarders together to document their season alongside the heavy hitting guys crew.

Check out this remix of the girls footage along with an interview (exclusively on ESPN) that will give you all a taste of what we experienced throughout our season.
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B Cole
Team Clif Bar

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