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Oct. 28, 2010
TEAM CLIF BAR’s Chris Benchetler and Kimmy Fasani Surf before Snowfall
What to do when the seasons begin to change but the snow has yet to fall? Here’s a look at what TEAM CLIF BAR athletes Chris Benchetler and Kimmy Fasani did with some of their “idle” time. Thanks for the inspiration! Take it away, Chris.

TCB's Chris and Kimmy surf before the snow hits - 1

Last week I received a call from my friend Julien (thanks for the pics!) telling me that there was a good west-northwest swell heading towards the coast. Because I was long overdue for some surf, Kimmy Fasani and I packed up the truck super last minute and headed South for a surf and camping trip.

Sure enough, the conditions were insane, the camping was beautiful and thanks to loads of delicious CLIF BARs, we kept well energized for multiple surf sessions through out the day.

TCB's Chris and Kimmy surf before the snow hits - 3TCB's Chris and Kimmy surf before the snow hits - 4

Turns out our timing was impeccable, too. The decision to pull the trigger and head South was perfect, being that we got back to Mammoth where there was snow on the ground and below-freezing temps. Hopefully that means we'll have an early opening! Bring on winter!

To see more of what they're up to, visit Chris and Kimmy's websites for all the details.
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B Cole
From the Road, Team Clif Bar

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