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Sep. 21, 2010
TEAM CLIF BAR’s Forrest Shearer Films New Production in Argentina
It’s not as though most of us think of summer as a time to sharpen the edges and pack up the winter back-country gear, but when you are Forrest Shearer and part of the crew running with Sweetgrass Productions, that’s exactly what you do. Forrest recently had a chance to join the Sweetgrass (who took the amazing photos in this post) posse down in Argentina to work on the next highly anticipated release from the creators of Signatures.

Clif Bar couldn’t be more stoked to have Forrest as part of TEAM CLIF BAR and to be working in partnership with Sweetgrass on the next production to come. Have a read below to get a sense for some of what Forrest was up to on his journey south.

Just got back from Las Lenas to film for the new Sweetgrass production, sponsored by Patagonia and Clif Bar. Las Lenas is the mecca for big mountain riding in South America. If you've never been, I highly recommend it.

Forrest Shearer - Team CLIF BAR 3

When you first get to the top of the Marte chair, all you can see is mega peaks with giant spires all around. There are so many sick lines to access that hardly take any time to hike to.

One day during the trip, I went on a walk-about (on my Jones Solution) and found a tight couloir that was nice and steep, and ended up holding some good pockets of snow. Another highlight of the trip was getting to meet a real gaucho in Argentina, and we ended up riding some horses up to the mountains.

Forrest Shearer - Team CLIF BAR 1

Blending in with the locals was a bonus for us all.

Special thanks to Sweetgrass Productions, Jose our guide and Manu at Las Lenas.
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B Cole
Team Clif Bar

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