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Jun. 30, 2005
Testing… testing, 1, 2, 3
Is this thing on? Welcome to my our little corner of the website to share/rant/jibba-jabber about life here at Clif Bar Inc. My name is Stephen and I’ll be your Web Guy.

As omnipotent as Web Guys are, I’m gonna deign (look it up) to share this space with other shining examples of CLIF humanity. Generous of me, I know, but probably better for your reading pleasure. There are some killer people here who I'm honored to call my co-workers.

For the past five years, when people find out what I do, the same questions always come up:

• Is there really a climbing wall/gym/yoga room/auditorium in our office?
• Will I put a link on the website?
• Can I get them free bars?

From now on, I’ll just point them to this thing, so they can read all about it. Just so you know, the answers to those questions:

• Cliff is the father of Gary, founder and co-owner with his wife, Kit. And, yes, that's really him on our voicemail.
• Yes, we have all those things and more.
• No, I won’t put a link up.
• And, as far as bars, no promises, but we'll see... every now and then this lil’ blog will have offers for CLIF fans to try some new stuff, share feedback or get some product to share with your friends. Not too often, but you gotta read this to find out when and what.

So, if you’re reading this, I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment by clicking the link below and we'll post it. However, any of the seven dirty words, personal attacks hate speech, bigotry, or SPAM will be deleted… waste someone else's bandwidth.

C'mon back now, ya hear?
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