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Nov. 4, 2005
T.G.I. Almost Monday
Fridays are so quiet here at work, it’s like being in church, or the library. Especially in the morning.
The reason for this is that we work a 9/80 schedule where alternating groups of employees have every other Friday off (having worked 80 hours over the previous 9 days). We work in an open (meaning kinda noisy, but non-cubicle) environment. I always get a lot done on Fridays, but at first the quiet is "deafening."

The other four days of the week there is a buzz here, the wheels of industry turning, printers and copiers clicking and clacking, voices rising, people laughing, a low steady hum like a hive of bees, an errant cell phone ringing on someone’s desk:

  • Cassie’s which sounds like nervous disco,

  • Brad’s which sounds just like a telephone from a classic movie,

  • Rick’s super salsa sensation.

Fridays can be a little ho-hum, and maybe just a little lonely. Even though it’s a good day to get caught up and clean up my desk, I’m always glad when Monday rolls around, and everyone’s back.
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Mary Kate
Office Life

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