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Apr. 27, 2012
Thank you Sea Otter, thank you bicycle
Thank you Sea Otter attendees and Clif Bar fans… thank you all who crossed our path at the Sea Otter Classic last weekend in Monterey, California. Man, was it a hoot! And another sunny reminder that the bicycling life is the good life.

We pedaled hard, we worked hard, and we partied… very responsibly. And we were constantly filled with laughter, camaraderie and stoke, thanks to all of you. That’s the cool thing about Sea Otter, everyone there is on common ground and you can feel it. You can see it, hear it and even smell it. Sweet bike-elixir of life. It’s part camping/part hotel, part mountain/part road, part gnar-gnar/part flow, part race/part recreation… part of the greatest weekend of the entire year, and all because of the humble bicycle.

But it’s also because of you, Clif Campfire Jam attendees… Thanks for the down home hang time; nothing like a sunset bbq after an epic day on the bike. We shared some great stories with everyone on that hilltop.

And also because of you, who rooted us on during our daily bike-commute from the hotel… Thanks for the hoots and toots!

And to all of you at Clif Bar’s 20th Anniversary celebration on Saturday, cutting rug – or shall I say cutting sod – and supporting IMBA, even raising a toast with Gary in between songs. There was a lot of love out there, a lot of good times.

Hooray for all of you who brought us your energy bar wrappers to be recycled, and especially to the guy who hand delivered a year’s worth of Clif Bar wrappers… again! OMG. You are now affectionately known as ‘the wrapper guy’ at the Clif Bar booth. 3 years and running?! You are incredible. You are inspiring. You are wrapper guy! Next time, lunch is on us.

And to all of you who threw a tip in the jar during our shindig – we made a quick $500 straight to trail access efforts at IMBA. Not bad for an afternoon get-together!

No matter who you are or where you crossed paths with the Clif Bar gang at Sea Otter, thank you for being part of the experience. High fives, fist pumps, hugs and hoots and hollers to y’all. Thank you for 20 years of adventure, thank you for another memorable year at Sea Otter.

We can’t wait to do it all again.

- The Clif Bar gang
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