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Dec. 14, 2009
That’s a Wrap
Take a hard look at this here tote. Notice anything unusual?

Aside from the fact that it’s the perfect size to fit, say, munchies from your latest trip to the grocery store or goods from your holiday shopping spree, it’s made from repurposed CLIF wrappers.

Our friends over at TerraCycle started an eco-revolution, taking a range of non-recyclable waste materials and turning them into eco-friendly products. And so, we joined forces to help reduce the number of energy bar wrappers ending up in the landfill. They’ve created a whole slew of products made from our wrappers. Stylie (and scrumptious) totes, duffels, and pencil cases help make your schlepping a bit more eco friendly.

What’s even better? They’re now available for purchase.

We only have a limited supply so if you’re ready to make a bold statement (or know someone else who is!) don’t delay.
Posted by:
Amy, Miss Web Gal
r@nd0m, Sustainability

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