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Jul. 31, 2007
The biodiesel CLIF truck--behold
The CLIF truck...beholdHowdy racing fans one and all,

Here’s an image of the recently logo’d Bio-Diesel CLIF Truck that the TCB Cycling squad has been getting around in. We’ve been running the vehicle on B100 bio-diesel from our friends at BioFuel Oasis all season. The truck’s been running great and starting up conversations about bio-diesel wherever we go.

Keep an eye out for the vehicle at the NorCal races. We’ll also be rolling over to Vegas this September to end the cycling season racing the USA CRIT Finals around Mandalay Bay Casino. If you spot the truck please swing by and say “howdy.” Odds are if you see us at an event we’ve got some CLIF goodies with us and we’re always happy to show people what CB&C products the riders are using and share the booty.  And folks are always welcome to take a whiff of the potato-chippy exhaust scent. Mmmm, mmm… delicious

Hope you’re all having a great ’07 season!
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Le Sensation American
Team Clif Bar

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