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Jan. 12, 2009
The Clif Bar Development Cyclocross Team’s Big Green Bus Will Be Missed
I came into the office this morning to find some sad news on my magical email machine.

Clif Bar Development Cross Team manager Ben Turner let me know that the team’s big green school bus fell victim to the The Olde Stage Fire that started Wednesday afternoon just north of the Boulder city limits. The fire spread east of Highway 36, and traveled down a little valley next to the commercial parking area where the bus is stored during the off season. High winds blew burning debris that started the bus on fire, with the front end destroyed before fire fighters arrived to put out the fire.

Ben had this to say in his email:

“Thanks to everyone for their support in making the team bus project come together in the fall of '07, and for keeping it rolling strong this past 'cross season. It was a huge team effort getting the bus ready for bike equipment, making it functional and [great looking], and especially driving all over the country. Having the bus at the races was a huge help to the team, made for a great sponsor presence, and was a lot of fun for people to see.

Josh pioneered the bus road trips last year, Daimeon and Tom decked the bus out to be really organized and [able to hold] tons of bikes and wheels, they drove the bus all over the place, and we had an amazing crew give the bus a new paint job.

The former Dartmouth Big Green Bus had a great run as the Clif Bar Team bus, and there may not be another cycling team vehicle quite like it again!”

I can’t say enough good things about all that the Ben, Josh, Daimeon, Tom and the whole Clif Bar Development Cross Team crew do each season to fly the Clif Bar & Co colors in such a creative & meaningful way.

As Danny Summerhill put it last year:

“The Clif Bar Development Team is different then any other team experience because it is not ‘only winning that matters,’ but the team puts a strong emphasis on things much bigger than racing, like how we can do a better job of trying to preserve this earth we live on.”

The Big Green Bus, recycled to operate as the team’s vehicle and run on veggie oil, was a fine example of just how unique a program the Clif Bar Development Cyclocross Team is.

We’ll miss the bus. Ben’s right—there won’t be another cycling team vehicle like the Big Green Bus.

For more info about the Clif Bar Development Cycloross Team on their website.
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