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Jun. 4, 2013
The Company You Keep
At CLIF Bar, we feel pretty lucky to have some pretty amazing friends who live within the conscientious “sweet spot” between outdoor adventure and conservation. One such friend is Gregg Treinish.

As a relentless adventurer, Gregg found himself one day feeling that his large-scale pursuits like hiking the Appalachian Trail and trekking the 7,800 mile length of the Andes were a tad “selfish,” as he puts it. He envisioned a time when he could find other ways for exploration to benefit others, and the natural connection happened when he started to think of the others who, like himself, belong to the wilderness: the trees, the Grizzlies, the rocks, the Wolverine and the Pine Marten. The connection between the scientific issues impacting those closest to the wild outdoors (the critters) were inexorably linked to those who always want to be close to it (all of us…duh).

Gregg Treinish from ASC

So Gregg did the only thing that any self-respecting, science-loving explorer would do – he founded a nonprofit dedicated to bringing together the adventure community and the scientific community, Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation (ASC).

Gregg’s a modest guy from Bozeman, Montana – but his passion for protecting the places we play runs deep. His story continues to inspire others around him and has been featured recently in such outlets as the New York Times as well as National Geographic, which this past month named Gregg as one of 17 “Emerging Explorers” for 2013. Elsewhere, he works diligently to spread his scientific method of exploration to everyone from fellow adventurers and professional athletes (like Team CLIF Bar) to the next generation of conservation-minded outdoor enthusiasts like the students from inner-city West Oakland Middle School.

Gregg is currently in the midst of a Crowdrise funding campaign to support bringing these future Adventurers and Scientists to the wild. More often than not, these guided trips that Gregg leads are the first time any of them have left the inner city to experience the majesty of the backcountry.

We applaud our friend Gregg in his efforts – and want to bring attention to the cause so that others might be inspired to join our support. CLIF Bar will match every dollar donated from now until June 14th, up to $2,500. Check out more of the story here, and we thank you.
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