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Apr. 14, 2006
The Easter Bunny comes to CLIF BAR!
Sheryl and her wagonI’ll be the first to admit that it’s a little unusual to see your CEO pulling a yellow wagon behind her as she walks through the office. Sure, Sheryl usually runs around here like the rest of us, chatting with people, getting things done. But a wagon? I could only wonder.

Upon closer inspection, however, it all came together. She had filled the entire wagon with pink, green and blue tinfoil-covered chocolate bunnies—a sweet surprise for a Thursday afternoon. And to those who don’t celebrate Easter, it was just a nice springtime gesture, appropriate with the balmy weather Mother Nature finally decided to let the Bay Area revel in for a day as opposed to 40-days and 40-nights of rain.

By the looks of the office folks, you would have thought she had just given the bunnies to a whole classroom of nine-year-olds; people were exchanging colors and trading flavors, Chris W. even began hoarding those he could get his hands on like a squirrel preparing for hibernation. Soon after though, he must have realized that it’s springtime (not wintertime) and returned those he had amassed to their rightful owners.

Happy Easter. Happy Passover. Happy Spring.
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