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Apr. 1, 2009
The Elements of Food

Our friend Seth is, shall we say, an adventurer. For the past 3 years he’s been traveling around in Baby, his Japanese fire truck powered by veggie-oil, the wind and the sun. Seth’s latest adventure is all about the elements of nature and the cycle of the sun, wind and water.

The Elements Tour uses nature-propelled sports (think surfing, kayaking, and skiing) to promote the use of renewable energy. For a little mid-day distraction, read up on his recent travels…

Inspired by his time on the road, following around the natural elements and encountering all sorts of foreign foods and friends along the way, Seth turned his camera to food in a little series called The Elements of Food.

From growers of food to enjoyers of food, Seth stumbles upon plenty of characters that teach him about the food he eats and how that food impacts him and the communities he discovers.

Watch the first of four episodes here (the Intro makes five). Three more episodes are a comin’ as the seasons change.

Sit back, click and enjoy...
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