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Jul. 8, 2009
The Elements of Food: Episode 2
Back in April, we (re)introduced you to Seth, our pal that drives the ever-illustrious Baby—a Japanese fire truck powered by veggie-oil, the wind and the sun. Seth’s been on the road exploring the natural elements and capturing his adventures along the way…in a little series called The Elements of Food.

Episode 1 was filmed in Baja and was about folks who celebrate food…Episode 2 heads north to the Rockies and is about folks who explore different types of food.

Seth and his buddies were out skiing most of the winter and spring season; their adventures on the mountain landed them in places like the Turtle Lake Refuge in Durango, Colorado and around a dinner table discussing season and region-appropriate foods.

So, without further ado, may we introduce the second of four episodes (the Intro makes five).

Be on the lookout for 2 more episodes in the coming months.

Now, sit back, click and enjoy.
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Amy, Miss Web Gal
Food Matters, r@nd0m

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