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Sep. 25, 2008
The epiphany
It’s that time of year again...time for us to get on our bikes and do a bit (er, a lot) of riding to commemorate the moment Gary realized he could make a better-tasting bar.

Yup, the epiphany that started it all.

We named a ride after it and the annual par-tay was last Saturday.

A few brave souls rode a full 150 miles that day; others went with 100 miles, 50 or 30 along a course of rolling hills, scenic vistas and a jaunt through a few miles of hunting territory (bullet shells included).

There was also an ad-hoc 58-miler in there for those of us who missed the turnaround point but heck, it never hurts to get a few more miles in on a beautiful day. And then, there are the few who showed up for the post-party celebration at Gary and Kit’s house—sans riding.

And we can’t forget the crew.

The lovely Karen D. snapped a few photos. Here's a sampling from the big day:

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