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Apr. 22, 2008
The Ghost of Joey Ramone
Oh Erik and his mind games...A ghost? Perhaps. Perhaps not. It was, after all, quite a blustery day down at Sea Otter.

It's not every day your ragtag three piece blues/punk/funk outfit gets asked to jam on the top of the 2 Mile Challenge bus during the Clif Bar party at Sea Otter. And when you throw in the fact that Clif Founder/Owner Gary Erickson had offered to sit in on the trumpet during the gig, it was an offer we couldn't refuse.

And, despite gale-force winds that forced us to play more like under the bus rather than on top, the night went well: Beer and bike-blended margaritas were flowing, Gary’s horn sounded awesome, an impromptu reenactment of a bull fight broke out between two of the more "influenced" members of the crowd, and bikes rolled around in every direction.

The most interesting part of the night, though, went a little like this: Tom, Swanner and I are hitting our stride as we launch into a cover of the Ramones' punk classic "Rockaway Beach"—a tune we had added to the set list only hours before. As Tom sings the first verse, I can see a tall man with long, black hair making his way toward us through the crowd, mouthing the words to the song and thrusting his fist into the air as he approaches. By the time he reaches the front, we are belting out the first few words of the chorus. The stranger knows the words by heart and jumps behind my mic like a wildcat, harmonizing with me perfectly and helping us sing through the entirety of the song. As we hit the final chord of the tune, the man quickly apologizes for not arriving sooner and disappears, black trench coat and all, back into the horde of party goers.

It was a really cool moment. And, while I'm not generally a believer in the supernatural, I am pretty comfortable with the fact that last Saturday night, I shared a microphone with the ghost of Joey Ramone.
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