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Jan. 2, 2007
The gift that keeps on giving

five years of cookiesI know…the holidays are past, but I couldn't get on-line over the break. And now…

One of the greatest parts of working at Clif is the people. And I don't mean that in a cliché, top-line of the resume, 'I really love working with people' sort of way. I love that, beyond the inspiring coworker types I get to work with, we actually get to know some of the amazing people who eat our products, on a personal level. Take 'Peter' for example.

I met Peter about 5 years ago, by mail. My first job at CLIF was in our Consumer Service dept—answering consumer questions, taking comments by phone, email, snail mail, etc. Peter was nice enough to write in to let us know how much he enjoyed our Shot products, being the avid runner that he is. I wrote back to him and thanked him, sending some new sample product along as well. Pretty standard interaction, or so I thought. Fast forward to Christmas week, 2002.

A large package had arrived from Peter. Curious. Upon opening, I found a handmade toy soldier filled to the brim with homemade cookies. Sweet! Literally!! We all shared the cookies and I wrote another note to Peter and his family, thanking them for the amazingly tasty and creative homemade gift. We then placed the toy soldier on our wall here to stand guard over the pod and marched into 2003.

A few months later Peter wrote again to update me with his running schedule, how he was doing in his training and to say the Shot was working very well for him (always a hand written letter sent via snail mail, very refreshing in this age of electronica). Then I wrote, then Peter wrote, then me, then him. This has continued for almost 5 years now. Fast forward this time to Christmas week 2006. Yup…#5!

For 5 years in a row Peter and his family have taken the time to construct increasingly ornate cookie canisters and filled them with increasingly ornate homemade treats. Peter and his family have become part of the Clif Bar holiday tradition, whether they fully realize it or not, to the extent that all I have to do now is hold up the box during that special time of year, show folks the name on the package, and smiles and applause immediately ensue!

We now have a full army—three toy soldiers, a reindeer and now a Santa to round out the collection. Peter, you and your family rock! THANK YOU, again, for your generosity year after year. We hope you enjoy this shot of your reunited family.

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