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Apr. 16, 2007
The Green Rail Project in Action: Spring sun only means softer snow

Nick, Clif Bar Northwest subrep and master mind behind the Green Rail Project is back with an update on how the propane tank is doing up on the mountain. Check out his videos on YouTube—and don't worry, you aren't losing your hearing; the videos don't have any sound.

I'm sure most of you are out running or pedaling in the sun thinking that winter is finally far behind us.  In Seattle, we're still making the trek out to the mountains. 

The Green Rail Project's been a hit for spring riding, providing a few unconventional features that cater to the creativity that's now invading terrain parks across the country. The propane tank's been set in the snow in a variety of ways, from straight up, to horizontal, to tilted up, and tilted down. Skiers and snowboarders alike have been discovering new ways to incorporate the tank into their slope style steez. 

The oil drums not only have become a loved feature but will soon become a new way to construct all sorts of park rails. Our fabricator, Terry, is planning on using the strong steel and ideal cylindrical shape to build all sorts of rails next season. We're so excited to see that the Green Rail Project is taking on a life of its own. 

Check out the footy to see the Green Rails in action and encourage your local resort to look into using recycled steel, earth-friendly paint, and wind power. Who knows what will show up next? 

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