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Feb. 21, 2007
The Green Rail Project: No Longer just an Idea
the tank--before renovationNick, CB&Co. subrep for the Northwest, has been working long and hard on the Green Rail Project. Don't know what the Green Rail Project is? Read on to find out...

I've been working as a sub-rep for Clif up in the Northwest for about a year and, of course, kept hearing about all their efforts to promote global cooling. And I thought, "How can we get all the skiers and snowboarders pumped about joining the effort?"

Some of these kids never watch the news, only ski films; some never pay energy bills, they still live at home; some never think about next season or five seasons from now, only about the next run. So, it was clear enough: we would have to come to them. Thus, the Green Rail Project was born to expose the need for 'green' to a culture that lives only for the snow.

the beginning stagesAnd finally, after a little patience, my chicken-scratch notes about building a totally 'green' snowboard rail morphed from ink on paper into a giant 500-gallon propane tank.

Yea, we picked up the beast from a field near the Cascades and it's just waiting to be smoothed down and painted bright green so we can jib and butter around on it until our legs hurt—I can't freakin' believe it. My buddies keep asking me when it will be dragged up to the mountain…hopefully within the next week. 

I feel like the SOS guys would be proud of what we got going up here in Seattle. We're trying to do our part: all the energy we use to sand down the tank and haul it around will be offset with wind power and we're using water-based paint and primer so nothing that goes into this Green Bomb will hurt our earth. Pretty much whenever some park rat greases the tank, he'll know…he'll know. 

Ideas for the next Green Rail (yea, another one) are in the works. If you think of something sick, leave a comment on this here blog and I'll run around Seattle junkyards looking for it.  

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