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Jan. 28, 2009
The Launch of Fastpak™
The new SHOT BLOKS® Fastpak™ is now in stores. Yup, Chris, athlete extraordinare and CLIF SHOT brand manager, worked long and hard to get this snazzy new packaging out the door and here's what he has to say about it...

Getting a new product out the door is exciting. It’s also a huge relief. Developing something that was once just a mere concept and then shipping it off to stores without getting derailed by various cosmic conspirators (i.e the law of unintended consequences and the law of the unknowns) is quite a process.

Fastpak™ is the culmination of 2 years of work and I’m pleased to say that it’s all very much worth it. We took the same great SHOT BLOKS® product and wrapped them in a package that truly looks sharp and functions beautifully.

Fastpak™ fits perfectly in-hand when running and nicely in a jersey pocket when riding. I’ve been using the final product mostly on my rides lately and the ease of use is just incredible.

No more fishing for product at the bottom of the packet, just push up the Bloks with your thumb and you’re good to go, or to keep going. Either one works.

And one more thing…our newest flavor—Mountain Berry—is pretty tasty. I think it’ll probably vie with Cran-Razz™ for my personal favorite.

If you're jonesin' to try the latest and greatest Fastpak (and Mountain Berry, too!), you can snag them in our online store or find them at your local specialty sports retailer.
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