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Jul. 30, 2007
The Legend of Grady-Stoke
Grady takes in the Alaskan view

Have you ever heard the legend of Grady O'Shaughnessy, Clif Bar'ean extraordinaire?

A 'slightly Irish' fellow

Spirit, anything but slight

With kinky hair and a wild heart

Pumping his rocking fist into the night

"I hear he's 8-feet tall and runs a 1:50 marathon—1:30 if he uses both feet." "Oh yah, well I hear he wears a burlap loin cloth and carries an eco ax of goodness, which he wields with abandon and fortitude, vanquishing naysayers of environmental policy…"  There are many versions. Sometimes it's hemp not burlap, for instance.

Whatever the version you've heard, he's gone. For a while. Gone to explore the world; 'a walkabout at 33' as he put it. After six hard-core years at Clif Bar, spent establishing the core of what has become the face of our Lifestyle Marketing platform (Mobile Bio Diesel Tours to our Greennotes Music Program)—and after 5 years of threatening to 'do a trip like this'—Grady is taking a little time to see a little bit more what makes this big ball-o-mud go 'round. Not that he's short on global experiences to date…but this time he's going for it, big time. Worldly possessions gone (or at least in storage), he is off to gain the greatest possession of all: a first hand understanding and appreciation of the world.

He leapt onto his trusty hog last Tuesday and headed north, to begin a two month motorcycle adventure across the US—Nor Cal to Portland, Glacier to Yellowstone, the Badlands of South Dakota to Buffalo, NY, just in time for a buddy's wedding.

From 'our east' he'll be hitting the far east and beyond, where he plans to spend a year plus skipping about the likes of Morocco, Nepal, Tibet, India, Bhutan, SE Asia, E Africa and New Zealand; one pub, pastry shop, snowy peak and dusty trail at a time. Speaking of that, if you are a brewery owner or a purveyor of pastry and you happen to rest upon the 'Grady Meridian' (longitude: wherever/latitude: Grady is)… you would do well to sponsor his epicurious endeavors. Big-O is nothing if not an appreciant (new word) of good grub and good times (and double negatives). He will hug you for your support, and most likely compliment you on at least one of your articles of clothing.

Grady lets loose. On his last day in the office, Grady was revered and roasted, smooched (not by me—not that there's anything wrong with that) and toasted. But above all…he got to beat the crap out of a piñata full of authentic Mexican candies and showcase his unfettered passion for salsa, one, more, time.

Ironic that his work here was centered around lightening our environmental footprint—educating and encouraging individuals to do the same—and now it is he who has left a HUGE footprint behind. A footprint of duties for someone to fill, a footprint of experiences for some to remember…metaphoric divots for each of us to spend some time in—feet dangling as we sip from our philosophic boot-o-beer— waiting for the stories to roll in from the road, and, ultimately, the return of Grady…and that contagious sense of stoke he has yet failed to leave home without (see…more double negatives).

Be groovy, Gradylicious. May good times and guacamole-laden tortilla chips abound. See ya in Nepal. A trip after which I look forward to reaching into my pocket in a San Francisco bar, only to utter the line, "All I've got are these stupid Nepalese coins…I don't even know why I bought the damn place…"
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