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Nov. 11, 2008
The Low Down on the Dietary Guidelines
The 2010 Dietary Guidelines committee has been announced and will begin the long and hard task of evaluating all the science we’ve collected to date on what to eat and what to do to be as blissfully healthy as we can be.

The Dietary Guidelines are determined every five years and consider all the new knowledge that we have gained since writing the last set of guidelines.

These guidelines are not a conspiracy by our government nor are they intuitive enough for every person in America to follow. They're merely guidelines that put everyone on the same page when it comes to what it means to act healthier; by everyone, I mean anyone you might go to for information on what to eat—think dietitians, doctors, health councilors, food companies, nutrition editors, and food associations.

I’ve been asked many times whether I think the Dietary Guidelines have too much industry bias. After reading our 2005 Dietary Guidelines cover to cover, I’m confident in the team’s integrity when looking at the totality of the evidence and making recommendations regardless of any affiliations.

The Dietary Guidelines Committee often gets slammed for “ties to the food industry”. Frankly, I don’t care who committee members have worked with, so long as the members can be trusted to hold themselves to the professional codes of ethics. Professionals are held to high moral standards. Is this a full proof check and balance system?

No; but have a little faith.

I'm confident in those appointed to the committee to make recommendations that help people live better.

But we don’t have to leave it all up to them. Our voices can be heard, too. You can leave your comments for consideration by the committee at on the official Dietary Guidelines website. Go for it!
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Tara, the RD
Food Matters

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