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Jul. 30, 2007
The peach-picking brigade
A few months back I posted a "first photo" of the Elberta peach tree we adopted from the Masumoto Family Farm. I've been reading up all summer long on the progress our "little" tree has been making but this weekend I got to see it live. And look at her now...all ripe and ready for picking!

It was the first harvest of the season and a group of us went down to pick the first round of peaches. After Mas gave us a little tutorial on picking and packing our "babies," we went to work.

It was hot. It was dusty. But we did pick some of the best-tasting peaches I've ever had and in record time, too. The 15 of us made our way through our tree lickety split; in fact, we found ourselves holding back from picking the entire lot just so next weekend's group could have their fun too (it also helps the left-over fruit grow bigger, fatter and sweeter when we lighten the load).

And what better way to celebrate the first harvest than a yummy pancake brunch under the shade of their thriving family orchard. Delightful.

Bellies full, we loaded our cars with 25 flats full of creamy, buttery-smooth peaches and made the long drive back to Berkeley. Now they're sitting in our warehouse waiting to get devoured by the rest of the office who couldn't make the trip.

We've made cobbler, peach upside-down cake, ice cream and we still have more peaches than we know what to do with...and what's even better, we've still got another whole bunch coming our way after next weekend's final harvest.

Who knew one tree could provide so much fruit?

Check out photos from the day (er, morning), at!
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